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Custom Pet Portraits: A Loving Gift Idea


A special place in the heart is held for a custom pet portrait received as a gift.  This gift will create a lifetime memory and is a sign of love.   A custom pet painting is a unique gift to commemorate any occasion and it can be the portrait of the current pet or a pet that has long passed away.


Custom pet portraits would be a great birthday gift idea as well as a unique Christmas gift.  You can even give it as a gift for small occasions like a housewarming gift.   If you know someone who has a much loved pet in her life, it may be worth the effort and expense to have an oil painting made from a photo of the pet.


Any pet photo can be translated into Animal Painting.  A simple snapshot may be good enough, but make sure that it is clear and does not have a lot of background distractions.  You can hire a professional photographer to take a professional photo and have it used for the oil painting portrait.


A professional who is well versed in painting pets is a lot better than all the other artists who can easily copy and paint from a photo.  There are artists who specialization is custom pet portraits though there are many artists who can produce oil painting on canvas.  The true likeness, expressions, and personality of a much loved pet can be captured by a professional painter whose specialty is painting pets.  This is very important since the custom pet portrait will be cherished for many years by the person who will receive it.


What is great about giving a Pet Portraits for Christmas is that the background can be manipulated by the artist so that seasonal elements are included such as a Christmas tree or decorations or add specialty items on the pet itself, like a small hat.  If you are going to choose an artist to make the oil painting from the photo of a pet then you have to make sure that he is that right artist and you can do that by checking out his painting portfolio for his oil painting and determine if he is the right one to paint your special pet oil painting.


A classy way to present a timeless gift that the receiver will always remember is to give a canvas oil painting.  If you give a pet portrait to someone you love, then the effort and expense that you have poured out to give it is all worth it since the receiver will cherish and love this gift for a very long time.  This gift reveals your feeling for the receiver and your understanding of how much they love their pet.